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I will always respect the customer's opinions with modesty.
PLANT Manufacturing, a engineering professional firm
Mining Machinery Co., Ltd.

We believe that an organization having a continual innovative spirit as his corporate culture shall be survived in the coming age.

Having grown as a total engineering and manufacturing company during the past decades, we are still pressing on the top class in the world in spite of having become the leading company in the field of sand making plant in Korea.

During last ten years, we have sacrificed ourselves for development of environment technology and facilities including large scaled filter press, and have participated government-supported project as a major partner to develop an advanced waste-concrete-recycling system.

Furthermore, being faced on our royal customer’s higher requirement year by year which demands our new sacrifice with reorganization which is focused to customer-satisfaction, we will concentrate to hear the voice of customers for the purpose of feed back to our organization.

Finally, we proclaim that our company slogan, that is, Creative, Serviceable, and Healthy is our final goal until we become the global leading company in the 21th century in order to serve our society and country.

Thank you.