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2015 04. Produced VIBRATING SCREEN(MVS-2780-H,MVS-30100-D)
2014 07. Produced FILTER PRESS(FP-2400)
2013 05. Extended Certification of NET(No.314)
for Technology Verification
2012 08. Developed SILTUNT
05. Exported SAND PLANT in indonesia
2010 05. Extended Certification of NET(No.314)
for Waste Concrete Recycling System
04. Extended Certification of NET(No.207)
for Waste Separation System
03. Extended Certification of NET(No.528)
for Aggregate production System
2009 09. Developed Hi-G Screen
2008 11. Produced MULTI CYCLONE for increasing recovery capacity of fine sand
2007 11. Launched SANDMASTER®
04. Obtained Certification of NET(No.207) for waste separating system
03. Obtained Certification of NET(No.528) for Aggregate Production System by using changeable Screen sieve and Switching Method
2006 06. Produced FILTER PRESS(FP-2000) with full automation system
Patent registered(No.10-0663980) for Transferring System of Filter Plates
2005 06. Patent registered(No.0498773) Recycled sand making system by using waste concrete
Patent registered(No.0495923) for Sand Classifier by using gravity
Patent registered(No.0263819) for Sand Classifying System
2003 12. Obtained Transfer Certification to ISO9001:2000 QMS
2002 12. Launched SANDPACTOR® as the first Compact type sand making Plant
10. Launched FILTER PRESS as automated Slurry Dewatering system
2001 12. Obtained INNO-BIZ Certificate
03. Patent registered(No.0292629) for Slurry Dewatering system
2000 10. Established international Joint Venture for Polyurethane Screen Sieve
08. Registered as Venture Business in South Korea
05. Launched the first Vertical Shaft Impact Crusher
Patent registered(No.0263819) for Production of sand making
Patent registered(No.0263820) for Production of V.S.I Crusher
03. Obtained Certification of ISO9001:1994 Quality Management




1999 11. Launched SANDUNIT® as the first Sand Classifier(Cyclone Type) in Korea
10. Established R&D Institute in organization
1997 12. Contracted joint venture with M.S SA for sand making system
09. Moved to new Fabrication shop in Hwasung-City, Kyunggi-Do
1996 07. Constructed Fabrication shop in Yangju-City, Kyunggi-Do
1995 01. Established Exclusive Agency of ISENMANN(Germany) for Polyurethane Screen Sieve
1994 07. Established Mining Machinery Co., Ltd.
1993 05. Established Agreement Technical Transfer with M.S SA(France)
1992 02. Established Exclusive Agency of MARTIN MARIETTA(U.S.A)
1991 07. Founded as Mining Machinery Company