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 Sand Making Plant
[Sand Making Plant on site]
[Typical Material Flow Chart]
 Installation Usage Examples
Aimed for producing properly controlled crushed sand which is reclaimed from fine particles producing as a waste in the rock crushing line, SAND MAKING PLANT is designed as a water-spraying system in which all processes are interfaced to practice a full automatic system.

In this system sludge as a final product from water treatment facility is discharged as dewatered cakes by using Decanter, Dosafloc and Filter Press.

SANDUNIT® as the core facility of SAND MAKING PLANT has been developed by joint venture with M.S.SA, being protected by national patent and trade mark in Korea since 1994, and has a strong classifying capability compared to similar system in this area.
[SANDUNIT(Model No.MS800 300)]

In addition to above benefits, SANDUNIT® is designed for highly competitive regarding cost-down of maintenance by adapting an anti-abrasive rubber coating on inside of every crucial parts
 Typical Arrangement of Major Equipments
Major Equipment Production Capacity
160 Ton/hr 300 Ton/hr 400 Ton/hr 500 Ton/hr
Belt Feeder MBF-750W MBF-900W MBF-1050W MDF-1200W
Vibrating Screen MVS-2470X1 MVS-2470X2 MVS-2470X2 MVS-2780X2
VSI Crusher MVSI-2200 MVSI-4900 MVSI-4400 MVSI-4400X2
Sandunit® MS-500X160 MS-800X300 MS-900X400 MS-1000X500
Decanter) MDC-10 MDC-13.5 MDC-15 MDC-17
Sludge Tank 60㎥ 90㎥/td> 120㎥ 200㎥
Filter Press MDF-1200 MDF-1500 MDF-2000 MDF-2400
Dosafloc MDC-1000 MDC-2000 MDC-2000 MDC-2000
Total Required Power 450kW 800kW 950kW 1400kW