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[Installation site of SANDPACTOR®]
[Inner Structure of Sandpactor®]
 Structure and Features of SANDPACTOR®
SANDPACTOR® is a vertical shaft impact crusher designed on the principle of rock-and-rock for crushing complete range of ore, rock and minerals, having some remarkable characteristics as follows.

Automatic Monitoring System, having sensors for vibration, temperature and opening of inspection door, guards 24 hours on crucial points of crusher.

Grease Lubrication System increase lifetime of drive shaft bearing and period of maintenance work.

Optimized Rotor Design gives extended lifetime of liners and protects crushed fine particles stocking inside of rotor.

▪ Protected by Patent(No.98-29955) and Trademark (No.303391)
 Benefits of SANDPACTOR® Monitoring Kit
▪ Crucial points of Crusher are monitored in the operation room during 24 hours.

▪ Vibration, bearing temperature of drive shaft and motor are monitored in real-time processing of stone crushing.

▪ In case of abnormal situation, alarm sound warns as first step and auto stop as second step to make full protection for machine.
 Technical Specification
Major Items Unit Production Capacity
MVSI-1500 MVSI-2200 MVSI-3800 MVSI-4400 MVSI-4400B MVSI-6000
Max. Feed Size mm 30 40 50 50 80 80
Out Put Capacity Ton/hr 50~100 100~200 200~300 300~400 400~500 400~500
Rotor Diameter mm Φ750 Φ850 Φ850 Φ850 Φ850,Φ950 Φ900
Rotor Seed rpm 1200~1800 1200~1800 1200~1800 1200~1800 1200~2100 1200~2100
Crushing chamber Type Rock Box Rock Box Rock Box Rock Box,ANVL Rock Box,ANVL Rock Box,ANVL
Lubrication System Type Grease Grease Grease Grease Grease Grease
Drive motors kW 150X1ea 220X1ea 190X2ea 220X2ea 220X2ea 300X2ea
Total weight Kg 8,500 16,500 18,500 19,200 20,100 22,100