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[Installation of Decanter (MDR-15)]
 Structure and Features
[A structural drawing of DECANTER]
 Operational Principle of DACANTER
Driving unit is operated according to the resistant force of scraper which is varied by sludge density
Sludge pump is connected to resistant force of scraper in order to optimize sludge density for maximizing operational efficiency of pump.
Scraper moves up and down automatically according to sludge density which is interfaced with electrical load of driving motor.
Two sludge pumps are available for operation, in which the speed of main pump is automatically varied by resistant force of scraper.
 Operational Principle of DOSAFLOC (Optional)
Flocculation Controller is installed for the purpose of mixing powdered dose with water, dissolving, maturing and pumping to Decanter by PLC controlled operation.
This system is designed aiming to real-time optimization of dose quantity to be fed in order to maintain stable effectiveness and low operational cost.
Having a simple and compacted structure, easy- maintenance and full-automatic-operation is possible.
 Technical Specification
  Moder No. MDC-08 MDC-12 MDC-15   MDC-17
Decanter Capacity Ton 230 510 800 1050
Tank Size m Φ8X4.5H Φ12X4.5H Φ15X4.5H Φ17X4.5H
Drive Motor kW 1.2 1.5 1.5 2.2
Pump Capacity m³/hr 40~60 40~60 60~80 80~100
Motor for Pump kW 18.5 22 30 37
Dosafloc Model No. MDF-1000 MDF-1000 MDF-1500 MDF-2000
Capacity Kg/h 0.5/6 1.0/12 1.0/12 2.0/24
Tank Volume 5 8 10 20
Motor for Pump kW 0.75X2ea 0.75X2ea 1.5X2ea 1.5X2ea
Water Tank Tank Size m Φ6X4.5H Φ8X4.5H Φ10X4.5Hx2 Φ10X4.5Hx2
Storage Capacity 130 230 360X2 360X2
Motor for Pump kW 37 45 56 75
Sludge Tank Tank Size M Φ4X4.5H Φ5X4.5H Φ6X4.5H Φ6X8.0H
Storage Capacity 60 90 120 200